Edenvale Ferals

Just a beautiful dark-themed website for a team helping some furry friends.
Edenvale Ferals
Charity Website, Animal Rescue Website, Animal Shelter Website

Sleek Design, Dark Theme, Particle Effects.

The Edenvale Ferals website is another website that we made to be good-looking first and functional second.

Being a website for a cat rescue organisation, it was important for us for the website to retain a nice-playful aesthetic, a trait we extracted from cats themselves.

When the Edenvale Ferals website came on our collective desks, the first thought was making a striking website, a website that makes an impression just like most cats do.

The idea is however not limited to a striking appearance but includes all the functionality that a charity website needs, including multiple donation options, a portfolio of cats available for adoption and a blog to keep supporters up to date with what’s happening.




A website almost as good-looking as a cat, but definitely as playful as one.

Tools & methods


The site is completely built-in WordPress, immediately giving us an intuitive easy-to-use back end that allows the Edenvale Ferals team to manage their adoption cats, their blog content as well as their online store that we added with the use of WooCommerce.

We also added some Analytics and Search Engine Optimization tools, mostly Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and thanks to Site Kit for WordPress, the Edenvale Ferals team have access to their performance right on their WordPress dashboard.


Content Management System

Google Business Profile

Local Business Listings, Local SEO.

Google Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Website Tag Management


A website that supports the work of Edenvale Ferals while letting you enjoy some cute cats.

We set out to build a great-looking website, and the Edenvale Ferals website is stunning. We incorporated their colour scheme, purple and neon green as much as we could, and wherever we could, we used a gradient to transition from one colour to another. To mimic the playfulness of cats, the website uses a particle effect on some pages, inspired by cats’ love of lights that move around.

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