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Data Analysis Solutions

It's time to take the guesswork out of your decision making and use all your data to make informed decisions that grow your business.

Big Data Solutions

Let’s help you simplify how your business collects, processes, stores and ultimately makes the most of the data it generates on a daily basis. It can be a little tough to know where to start with data for a small business, but that’s no reason to let your more significant competition enjoy all its perks. We create tailor-made strategies and solutions to help your business build a data-centric model that takes cues from your market, your competition, your products, your process and your employees to deliver a better service.

Mut-Con Big Data Solutions Services
Mut-Con Product Analytics Services

Product Analytics

Data is increasingly becoming a part of every product and with the growth of smart products and devices, it’s never been easier to check how your clients interact with your products and make the improvements they need to enjoy them better. With product analytics in place, you can build your clients the products they want without any assumptions. Even better, you can be proactive and fix bugs, add features and do more before clients even realise that’s what they need.

Process Analytics

Your whole business is built on interactive processes and the more you can smooth out your linkages, the faster your business can deliver on its processes, Weather as a manufacturing firm, service firm or anything in between, understanding your business process is the first step to building a premium service. Through analysing your patterns, trends and anomalies, we can help you unearth potential threats and opportunities, and determine the limitations of your processes with strategies to enhance your capacity when needed.

Mut-Con Process Analytics Services
Mut-Con Service Analytics Services

Service Analytics

Streamline your service delivery so you can maximize customer satisfaction while earning the most possible revenue you can from your operational times. Reduce all bottlenecks that increase the time it takes for your clients to access your services from the initial touchpoint to the delivery of a satisfactory product. We can help you define your user flows, and continuously improve upon them to build you a service flow that not only delights clients but beats your competition.

Market Analytics

Your business needs to sell, and we can help you analyse your market to help you sell more. Using both internal and externally generated data, we can help you understand key market questions such as competition profiles, buyer personas, product pricing, and growth potential. With our data-based strategies to gain and retain customers as well as beat the competition, we can help you discover new opportunities for growth while minimizing customer churn and maximizing the return on investment from all your marketing activities.

Mut-Con Market Analytics Services
Mut-Con Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics

Understanding how your clients interact with your website is the key to a solid digital marketing strategy as your website acts as the centre of your digital marketing efforts. Gain insights into the marketing channels that drive the best traffic for your business and the content that encourages conversions so we can help you build a strategy that sells more. So whether you are a completely online business or you have physical locations, analyse your website to build a sales funnel that delivers more revenue because your website is one of the most important touchpoints in your business’s sales funnel.

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