Voice Of The Customer

Research & Testing

Incorporate the voice of your product or service’s users by actively engaging them for their feedback and incorporating it into the core design for optimized user experience


The ultimate in a voice of the customer approach to business decision making, surveys are a scalable affordable means for collecting and analyzing data to understand the patterns you are seeing in your analytics or for making decisions that affect your user experience. The data is rich, qualitative and quantitative and can be collected continuously for a continued improvement process. Importantly; ask questions directly, no inference.

A-B & Multivariate Testing

A/B & Multivariate Testing

So, you customer-centric to the core, but you not sure of that’s translating to the benefits you want for your clients, specifically, you are not sure if your end results are what your clients desire? Embrace democracy, give your clients what they chose themselves. Experiments with different combinations of elements and go with the ones that give the best user experience. It’s a scientific method, so even as you fail you get the building blocks to improve, not randomly adopt possibly worse options. Finally, you can set goals for your crazy and wild ideas, have an idea of what success is and measure if they are succeeding, all the while controlling the risk of a catastrophic fallout.

Controlled Experiments

More often than not, it’s close to impossible to prove a hypothesis you have because the data you have is limiting or you can’t manage the impact of other variables in the natural world. The answer is of course to run an experiment with two identical scenarios with only the variable under experimentation changed, i.e. controlled experiments. Extract the cause and effect by measuring the impact of variables on a goal one at a time.

Controlled Experiments

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