Decor and Travels By Lebo

A website inspired by beauty, a website inspired to look the best but still be functional.
Decor and Travels By Lebo
Travel Website, Portfolio Website

Gorgeous Design, Online Booking, Calendar Integration.

The Decor and Travels By Lebo website was inspired by beauty, the beauty of the work she does, and we volunteered to do it free from the time we saw her work online.

The goal was to build a website that looks, in a word, beautiful, but still retained all the functionality of a booking-based service business.
The website uses a dark theme, which contrasts well with the pink she uses a lot in her work, as well as some purely aesthetic elements.




Sometimes your website needs to match the beauty of what you do!

Tools & methods


The website was built using WordPress with e-commerce functionality thanks to WooCommerce, as well as booking and hire functionality to allow clients to easily book decor and travel online.
WordPress also provides an easy-to-use intuitive back end that allows the Decor and Travels team to easily add their decor packages, travel packages, portfolio images as well as blog content to the backend.
The portfolio itself is a masonry (Pinterest style) portfolio that allows images to take their full size, fully showcasing the amazing decor work the team has done over the years as well as the travel destinations they promote.


Content Management System


eCommerce System


A website that speaks for the beauty done by the Decor and Travels while making their services accessible.

The website has a comprehensive booking system that allows clients to specify their needs and transfers that information to the Decor and Travels team, reducing admin and allowing them to focus on serving clients.

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