Afrikaren Media

A complete custom-built website built to the specifications wireframed by our client Karen meant to build a great platform for
Afrikaren Media
Media Website, Multi-Author Website, Multi-Media Website, Blog Website

Custom Designed Multi-Media Website.

The Afrikaren Media website is the brainchild of Karen Mwendera, a talented writer, journalist and content creator, and was created to give her and fellow creatives a platform to explore their ideas on the topics affecting the African continent.

The core functionality of the website is to be a multi-author site, that supports individual creatives contributing their own content and supports multi-media formats to allow the Afrikaren team to create written (read), video (watch), and podcast (listen) content.

In addition to regular content uploads, the site also supports full webinar functionality, including webinar registration and broadcasting.




A multi-media site designed for African creative minds by African creative minds.

Tools & methods

Custom Multi-Author Website

The website is built in WordPress to give it an intuitive back end and augmented with custom content types, video, podcast and webinar posts, to make it easy to upload the required content.

Additionally, the site has a webinar registration and broadcast system that integrates with most marketing tools like Mailchimp, and integrates with most podcasting services as well as YoutTube for both live broadcasts and recorded video.

The site is completely custom-built based on the wireframe provided by the Afrikaren team. As a multi-author site, the site is built to allow easy registration and content submission and has comprehensive anti-SPAM and security protocols.


Content Management System

Google Business Profile

Local Business Listings, Local SEO.


Email Management System

Google Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Website Tag Management


An open platform for creatives to share their ideas.

Our goal was to be as faithful to the design provided by the Afrikaren team, but also to create a very simple website that understates its functional capability. The result is a website that makes it easy for visitors to consume content, authors to submit their content and administrators to curate and deliver this content as well as manage other functions of the website such as the webinar functionality. And because the website is the full package, it also has e-commerce functionality thanks to WooCommerce.

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