TNR Virtue

TNR Virtue is an eCommerce multi-vendor site designed to help clients find everything they need in a vast shopping network
TNR Virtue
eCommerce Website Multi-Vendor Website Market Place Website

eCommerce, Multi-Vendor, Market Place Website

The TNR Virtue website is a multi-vendor marketplace website that sells men’s, women’s and kids’ fashion as well as home decor from any designers who sign up.
The challenge of the website was to create a multi-product website that could balloon to large sizes and still not compromise the overall user experience.

The main elements of this user experience are site speed, navigation, user flow and calls to action, and the design of the website was built around these. Because the site wants to recreate the mall experience online, our goal is to create a website where users can not only find everything house and fashion but actually be able to find and purchase it easily without much challenge, not much like a mall at all. Additionally, unlike many market vendor places, the goal of TNR Virtue is to try and give every opportunity to showcase their talent equally, without prioritising high sellers or any other category.




Skip the trip to the mall and do all your shopping from an online destination!

Tools & methods


The website is built in WordPress and uses WooCommerce as an eCommerce engine. In addition to an intuitive WordPress back end, the website has an additional vendor profile functionality to allow vendors to be showcased with their works, as well as bulk product management in order to manage bulk product additions, removals and editing.

We also added a Google Business Profile, to get TNR Virtue a local business listing and benefit from Google searches. Finally, we attached Google analytics to give TNR Virtue a better understanding of their website visitors.


Content Management System

Google Business Profile

Local Business Listings, Local SEO.

Google Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Website Tag Management


Your one-stop marketplace for everything fashion and home decor.

The website captures the mall experience from the comfort of the couch. Clients can experience different “departments” by visiting different categories while also being able to connect with the designers of their choice with designer profiles. The easy navigation makes it easy for clients to find what they need around the website, while the light and simple design keeps the website fast even as it grows.

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