Psyche and Beyond

A calming and easy-to-navigate website that fully informs without overwhelming to give access to people who need mental health support
Psyche and Beyond
Wellness Website, Mental Health Website

Highly informative, not at all overwhelming.

The Psyche and Beyond and beyond website was one of our favourite websites because like them we are passionate about mental health. Having had challenges ourselves (entrepreneurship can be a bit tough), we understood the assignment perfectly.

The challenge was being able to pack the website with as much information as possible as this is important for anyone struggling with their mental health, while not letting the site be overwhelming, which is the last thing a stressed-out person needs, which is a near-impossible task. Add to that need for calls to action so visitors can actually access help, and we had our work cut out.




Getting mental health when you need it should be the least overwhelming part of your day.

Tools & methods


The website is completely built-in WordPress, allowing us to attach a back end that can easily be used to add blog content and self-help articles that Psyche and Beyond like to produce. It also contains a shop for self-help material that they are looking to introduce soon.
We also added a mail subscri[tion service so visitors can continue to get help, get notified on the latest blog posts and products as well as help Psyche and Beyond sell more from their store via Mailchimp.


Content Management System


eCommerce Platform


Email Marketing Platform


A website that makes it easy to get all the mental health information and help you need.

The result is a website that utilises a subtle colour pallet, great use of white space and sparing use of images and graphics to transfer a lot of information without seeming like a task to consume. The addition of a portfolio of success stories, a well-structured blog and relevant calls to action scattered around the website should help visitors access the mental help they need easily.

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