My Home Sold

A simple realty website that sells the strengths of the My Home Sold team in the property market.
My Home Sold
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Clean Design, Easy Access Information, Supportive Calls To Action

We built the My Home Sold website to be very clean and neat, easy to read and digest information, a trait we know will help it stand out in its niche of the real estate market, the property buying market.

Competition is strong in this area, but we found most of the competition to be characterised by overly clunky and busy websites, something that doesn’t particularly sell well, especially to clients who may be looking to sell their properties under distress.
So the idea for the website was simple, a website that makes it easy to understand the process, and even easier to get in touch with My Home Sold and get the process underway.




A clean and simple design that puts the most important elements in the forefront!

Tools & methods


We built the website in WordPress, which gives an intuitive back end for the team to add portfolio projects as well as update the blog with new content. Our main focus was to make the website as informative as possible as a conversion in My Home Sold’s market takes a lot of research, and to support this information with enough calls to action for this information to be acted on.


While most competitors have lots of information on their websites, the volume of information crowds their websites. To overcome this, we made good use of whitespace, interspaced text with relevant imagery, used a soft colour pallet, and used a lot of interactive elements like tabs that showcase information but only load it when needed.


Content Management System

Google Ads

Per Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google.

Google Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Website Tag Management


A website that gives easy access to information and layers enough Calls to Action to let visitors make use of the information.

The result is a site that simply stands above the rest. In an industry where establishing your business as a legitimate entity is important, the website’s clean corporate feel should ease a lot of uncertainty. The website has all the information on what My Home Sold does and also contains enough Calls to Action for clients to act on the information. All this combined should give the website a better conversion rate in a crowded market.

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