Kholo Academy

A recruitment and skills development website that is a proud representation of the empowerment it seeks to achieve!
Kholo Academy
Learnership Website, Recruitment Website, Skills Development Website

Full corporate, service and project website.

Kholo Academy aims to transform the recruitment industry and redefine empowerment and access to opportunities in South Africa and they needed a website that helps them achieve that. The goal of the website is to convince different ends of the spectrum, employers and employees, that Kholo Academy works for them.

Specializing in skills development and learnership programs, the website demonstrates how businesses stand to improve their recruitment and students can stand to advance their careers with the help of Kholo Academy. Using well-developed copy aimed at both target markets and calls to action designed for each to engage with Kholo, the website helps the business reach its goal of serving both needs equally.




Beautiful design without compromised performance!

Tools & methods


We built the website in WordPress. Our biggest goal for the website was developing well-balanced copy and strategic calls to action that target both employers and employees as the business is geared towards both markets.
Search Engine Optimization is at the core of Kholo Academy’s marketing strategy as the business has identified it as important for potential clients to be able to find them when they search for recruits or employment and learnership opportunities.
The business has a very vibrant and colourful colour pallet they are very proud of and we made sure to incorporate it into the design. Although the pallet boasts a number of colours, we managed to maintain a good visual aesthetic for the site.
Blogging and producing content on their projects as well as educating both employers and employees is important to Kholo Academy and to this end, we added a blog and project section hooked up to an intuitive back end that will help the team to easily add content.


Content Management System

Google Search Console

SEO Traffic Monitoring and Reporting

Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Traffic Monitoring and Reporting


Transforming recruitment with a transformative website

Kholo Academy aims to be a leader in the recruitment industry and we had to give them a leading website. The company is built on passion and love for what they do, and we built a website that effortlessly demonstrates this. We not only captured the aesthetic vision of the business but our intuitive blog and project section will help Kholo Academy with their goal of being a thought leader, and definitely boost their SEO performance.

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