Jitterbugz Pub & Lounge

A dark-themed restaurant website, complete with an online menu, food gallery, events tab, and an online booking function for table
Jitterbugz Pub & Lounge
Restuarant Website, Online Booking Site

Online Booking Restaurant Website

The idea behind the site was to create a website that is a great showcase for the amazing food and drinks prepared by the Jitterbugz Pub & Lounge.

To achieve this, we adopted a dark theme for the website, which then allowed the images of the food and drinks to “pop” off the page.

In addition to the dark theme, a mustard colour is used as an accent colour, both to make calls to action stand out, and also because mustard has been observed to make a great colour for restaurant chains.




We let the amazing food speak for itself.

Tools & methods

Restaurant Website With Booking Functionality

We built the website to not only look great but have the full functionality that a restaurant/ bar needs to make it easy for patrons to access products.

So we added a full menu, divided into starters, mains, desserts and so on as is used in the restaurant.

We also included an online booking system to allow patrons to reserve tables, as well as an events section to keep everyone in the loop on the pub’s events.


Content Management System


A website that allows the amazing food and drink creations of the pub to stand on their own, and patrons to access the products themselves.

It’s true that people eat with their eyes before everything else, so it was a great win that Jitterbugz has an incredible collection of images of their culinary creations, which we proceeded to use to create a website that is guaranteed to whet any appetite.

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