AGP Meats

A dark-themed website for a butchery because it not only matches the client’s overall brand theme but also because it
AGP Meats
Retail Website, Butchery Website

An online butchery that mirrors the in-person experience.

AGP Meats had the idea to take a staple for most people, meat, and put it online, with free delivery, making it easier to access.


Although it’s not an entirely new idea, it’s not exactly common, so we were happy to take on the challenge of building an online butchery.

Adding to the challenge of creating a butchery website with the functionality you’d expect from an offline butcher is the business’s brand colours.

AGP Meats uses dark colours, mainly black and darkly greys, and we were tasked with representing this throughout their website.




The only way to make meat better is to have it on demand on your doorstep.

Tools & methods


Because the business is new, and deals in a product with very low margins, the goal was to build them an eCommerce platform that would be cheap on the initial build as well as to maintain.

We managed to achieve this by combining WordPress and WooCommerce, which are free for life, as well as some affordable yearly hosting.

We also added a Google Business Profile, to get AGP Meats a local business listing for added bookings from Google searches. Finally, we attached Google analytics to give AGP Meats a better understanding of their website visitors.


Content Management System

Google Business Profile

Local Business Listings, Local SEO.

Google Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Website Tag Management


Open Source eCommerce Platform


A website that gets your craving for meat going and lets you get it at your doorstep fast.

The most important elements of the website were of course the meat itself, and the AGP Meats dark theme worked wonders for us because the dark backgrounds allowed it to pop.
All we had to do next is make sure we could get the meat to site visitors to satisfy all the appetites we whet, and that was as simple as building a great online shopping experience, with payment integration that accepts, debit and credit cards, EFTs and cash on delivery.

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